Examples from Studio Recordings

This  instrumentation is close to the traditional “Regional” Acoustic Group used for decades in Brazil


Billy Newman - 6 string Guitar  Rogerio Souza - 7 string Guitar Dennis Lichtman - clarinet/mandolin
Hadar Noiberg - Flute Tom Armstrong - Pandeiro



  Choro Calms Her Anger – Choro Cancão



Two Ernestos – Maxixe


Dance of the Emotionally Intelligent – Choro Samba

This Frevo is an early example of the first group
playing Billy Newman Originals from an EP of the Group Brooklyn Brazil Bop

                                                                        Billy Newman - Electric Guitar/Composer
Rob Curto - Accordion Michael Attias - Alto Sax
Leco Reis - Bass Chris Michael - Drums


Frevo no Sertao de Flatlands Ave

Some Tracks from two different Sextet Recordings

Billy Newman - Electric Guitar/Composer
Ron Horton - trumpet Michael Attias - Alto Sax
Leco Reis - Bass Aaron Thurston - Drums
Mathias Kunzli - percussion



The Experts in Relaxation Try to Stay Cool in Kabul



Hues of Your Generosity


Bounce it Up Down Some

Billy Newman - Nylon String Guitar/Composer 
Eric Schugren - Tenor Sax Ben Holmes - Trumpet
Michael Attias - Alto Sax Leco Reis - Bass
Conor Meehan - Drums



Ana Leaves Astoria


He’s a Mystery to Himself


Intervallic Choro